About Krestin Hagring

Anna Krestin

Anna Krestin is a spiritual seeker and psycho-therapist in the CBT tradition. She is also a mindfulness instructer and a yoga teacher. She came for the first time to India in 1991 and has been travelling every year to Haridwar since then. She also visits several times to the different parts of Himalayas for meditation. She is very interested in Vedic Philosophy and learns several lessons from the Indian monks. At the core of her passion is the belief that the connection of mind and body is essential towards well-being and this thread remains an integral theme in her classes. Anna unique energy and passion for her teaching is infectious. By linking experiences in psycho-therapy practice to life, she encourages participants to explore their own perceived limits in mind, body and being, through movement, breath, and listening to the teacher within. While this sounds serious, the challenge of the practice is balanced by her joyful and playful approach to the process.

Anna lives in Malmo, Sweden and she has many followers who are her clients and visit her clinic often for counseling. She is a great counselor and embraces her clients like a family.